Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cheap Home Staging Tip Using Origami Towels

It's been a while since I blogged but I have been busy with staging homes and creating origami towel folding projects.  What is origami towel folding you may ask?  Well, origami is the japanese art of folding paper.  Origami towel folding is the same idea but you fold bath towels instead of paper.  This is a very affordable and fun way to display towels, add interest and add a unique touch to a home staging project.  I've created several which you can check out on my website @ but I am going to share two of my creations that I used in actual home staging projects.  One was a snail in a 1/2 bath and the second was a shirt in a laundry room setting.  Again this is an easy and thrifty way to create "art" with towels that you can display in bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets or baby rooms.  You may even think of a few places yourself.  Enjoy and thrifty staging!


This was a 1/2 bath and the towel snail adds something unique to this small room.

This towel shirt added something extra to this otherwise boring laundry room.  The homeowner loved it!


  1. Mannie, Did you see the DVDs on cruise ship towel origami online? They have a lot of fun creations on them. I like the pennies for buttons on the shirt you made. Very cute. - J

  2. Yes I have watched most of them that is where I get most of my ideas. There are so many so I'm excited to make a new one each month. So glad you subscribe to my blog, I appreciate it. Please share with others. Thanx for stopping by!