Monday, February 1, 2010

No Bed??? Make One!

No bed? Then make one!  I had to share this thifty and unique tip for making a bed.  Karen Otto owner of Home Star Staging in Texas provided this thrifty way of creating a bed for a home staging project she did on EnergizedSeller.  So if you are staging a home and you need a bed but the seller doesn't have the money for rental furniture then you can use this easy solution.  Here is the recipe for making a twin size bed (add addtional boxes to make a queen size bed):

6 file size cardboard boxes 
2 twin size inflatable mattresses
1 twin size comforter set
  • Put the boxes together and line up 2 - 2 - 2 from top to bottom of bed (this will be your "frame")
  • Blow up one of the inflatables and place on the "frame"
  • Put bedskirt on first mattress now your "boxspring"
  • Blow up second mattress place on skirted "boxspring"
  • Make bed as usual
Now you have your bed.  Make sure you put a sign on the bed "For Display Only"

Thrifty Staging Everyone!


  1. Is that really a mattress on top of boxes? Looks fantastic. The air mattress I have at home doesn't look half as nice (actually the dog gets to lie on it most.

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  3. I used this technique several years ago to stage my son's condo and it worked like a charm. The buyer's want to by the bed!

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