Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bear On A Blanket

Wow - have I been busy these past few months.  That's a good thing though but it got me behind in my blogging!  So here goes.  I've staged several houses these past few months which means "LOTS OF SHOPPING" .  So to keep costs down you know that I go to thrift stores.  I got some great deals and I've staged many rooms with thrift store finds and noone knows the difference.  So here is a room I staged with ONLY thrift store finds.  The total cost of accessories for the below room was $10.00!!!  Seriously I don't make this stuff up.  The Thrift Store in our area has 1/2 off on Sundays so guess where I am?  You guessed it I'm there!  Isn't this just the sweetest scene for a kids room?  I think it looks great & I'm happy to say the home has sold!  Thrifty Staging Everyone!  Stay tuned for more thrifty pics!

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