Saturday, October 29, 2011

Create Your Own Wall Art

We recently staged a home in Washington, DC for one of our investors.  We staged the entire house and then we realized we almost forgot to stage the half bath on the main level!  We ran out of art and Zehra and I had to think on our feet to figure out what to place on the wall in the bathroom.  At first we thought to leave it blank but it just didn't look right so we came up with a great idea!  I thought about putting one of the wicker baskets on the wall and Zehra took it one step further and it came out fabulous and looked amazing!  Great team work and it was thrifty art!  The basket we got at Dollar General for $3 and the flowers came from a flower stem I bougth at a thrift store bor .25 cents.  Check out how we created instant wall art by thinking out of the box and using what we had!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Word Wall Art

We recently staged an investment property in Capitol Heights, MD.  The investor purchased our scene staging services to add warmth, color and an inviting feel to this cute home.  One of the rooms we staged was the living room and we decided to do something different for wall art.  We decided to use word wall art, yes you heard right word wall art.  We found this great decal saying at Family Dollar for only $3.00.  It added the perfect final touch to this living room scene.  We loved it and we hope the buyers will too!  These decals are easy to put on and take off and look fabulous.  Thrifty Staging Everyone!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Springtime Fun

We love staging both inside and out.  I thought I would share one of  our outside staging scenes that we created in one of our home staging projects at an occupied home in Fairfax Station, VA.  We simply added a pop of color to an otherwise dull outdoor table.  We bought all of these items at Family Dollar but it created a nice punch of color and whimsy.  The seller and realtor thought it was clever and it really brightened up the deck. Total cost for this scene $10.00  Thrifty Staging Everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Affordable & Elegant

Affordable and elegant - it isn't often you see these two words together.  However, if you keep things simple you can accomplish that easily.  We staged a loft condo in Washington, DC and we wanted to create a spa feel in the bathroom.  However you don't have to make it complicated or expensive.  Below we created a simple scene with a footed basket we bought for $3, the lotion and shower gel cost $2 total and we added 2 different color wash closths.  Behind we added a simple vase from Ikea that cost .79 cents and added some leave floral picks.  Voila an instant spa feel.  Again you can create affordable elegance you just have to know how!  Happy Staging Everyone.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Staging Kitchen Scenes

I love creating scenes when staging and one of my favorite places to create scenes is in the kitchen. I usually try to create some sort of food prep scene to add interest and a sense of real living. In order to do that you sometimes need to add fruits and vegetables but you can't really add real ones as they may rot during the course of time the home is sitting on the market. So what do I use? I use faux fruit and vegetables that really add a pop of color and interest and look terrific in my staging scenes. I buy these faux fruit and vegetables at the thrift store. I find them in plastic bags hanging on racks for $1.90 to $2.90 a bag and they ususally contain anywhere from 6 to 8 fruits or vegetables. If you went to department store you may be paying that for one! so this is a steal and they look great. Here are some examples of staging with faux fruit and vegetables in kitchens. Enjoy!

We would love to create scenes like this in your kitchen if you are selling your home.  We provide professional and affordable home staging and redesign services to clients in Northern VA, Washington, DC and parts of MD.  Call us on 703-269-8330 for a free estimate or visit us on the web @ for more information.  We look forward to serving you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Create A Beautiful Bedroom for under $100

We created a beautiful bedroom for under $100 for our staging project in Washington, DC.  We staged the other rooms with furniture but the investor wanted us to also stage the second bedroom but there was no room for furniture in the budget so we created a bedroom for under $100.  Here is how we did it.  We used an Aero bed that we had in our inventory as the bed.  We then bought a comforter/w shams that was on sale for $15, a queen size sheet set for $15, a side table for $12, a lamp for $10 and a rug for $10.  We added 3 throw pillows that we purchased at the thrift store for $2.90 each, and we bought 2 bed pillows and they cost only $6 total.  Finally we bought a mirrored starburst to go over the bed for $10.  So you might be wondering what does this bedroom look like.  Well see for yourself and you be the judge. For under $100 we staged a bedroom that looks chique and modern and FABULOUS!  Thirfty Staging Everyone!

Coordinating all the colors is what made all of these finds work and it created a very modern and inviting bedroom.  If you live in Northern VA, DC or MD and want us to stage your home please give us a call on 703-269-8330 or visit our website @ so that we can help you get your home from for sale to sold in half the time. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Driving With Style in Virgina

I'm driving with style in Virginia.  As a small business I don't have the luxury of hiring movers, trucks or a large crew. So what do I do? I drive with style! Let me explain, I basically load up my Toyota Highlander with all my staging supplies. That thing gets loaded to the gills. Thank goodness for my packer, my hubby, who knows how to fill every nook and crannie in that Highlander and we always get everthing in. My motto if it doesn't fit then we will have to do without. So that means choosing my items wisely and then packing them all up in a way that will work.

So what is the point of this post? The point is that just because you are not a big staging company that doesn't have movers and packers and trucks you can still make it work for you. Don't let things like this discourage you from not getting out there and staging homes. If you dont have an SUV you can easily rent a truck or van for a day very inexpensively from U-Haul and then make that part of your staging costs - however for me this works great and my hubby knows how to pack an SUV. See for yourself! Happy Staging everyone and drive with style I will be!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home Staging Scenes that Tell a Story

As an APSD Property Scene designer we are taught to stage homes in scenes.  However, they just can't be scenes that you just throw together but they have to mean something and catch a buyers attention, cause them to smile or trigger a memory or an emotion.  So when we create scenes they tell a story.  We created this scene in a kitchen.  The best part about this scene is that it was inexpensive to put together but still instills a feeling of a summer barbecue.  We also had a big barbecue apron hanging on the wall to create the overall effect.  Creating scenes that tell a story is part of my APSD training but it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.  Enjoy!
A Barbecue Scene

Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't Knock the Dollar Store!

Don't knock the dollar store!  I find some great finds in the dollar store for my home staging scenes.  Here is one I found for yes just $1.00.  I added this magnet board to the window in a room where I created a scene in front of it on the floor.  It was effective, brought attention and made people smile.  An effective marketing prop for $1.00 who woulda thought?  
This $1 sign made the home memorable!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Home Staging Warehouse? Create One!

I created this staging room in my house.
No home staging warehouse? Create one! That's exactly what I did. When you first start your home staging business buying accessories will eventually become a must. But where do you put it after you buy it? You have to have somewhere to store it. So what if you don't want to pay monthly storage fees? Then you do what I did if you have a room in your home or basement. I created my storage unit in one of my unused bedrooms. I bought some plastic shelves from K-Mart when they went on sale for $22 each that had 5 shelves on them. My hubby and I set them up all around the walls of the room and then filled them up with my staging accessories. I realize that I may eventually outgrow this room but for now it is perfect and everything fits in its place.  Above is a pic of me in my storage room it is a bit empty as it was taken during a time I had 6 houses staged on the market.  This was a great solution for me as it kept down on storage rental costs and it provides me a great place to store my items for no money and easy access!

A Dreamy Bedroom Staged!

Sometimes I get short notice to stage a home and when I do I go right to my favorite thrift store to look for some great items.  I was doing a home staging in a condo in Alexandria, VA and I found some fabulous linens at the thrift store that appeared to be unused.  I was so excited when I found this fabulous Tommy Hillfiger comforter for only $14.90!  As I continued to look around I found the great pillows as well and they matched perfectly costing a mere $2.90 each.  I then fell upon the great bed skirt that was only $4.90.  The throw I already had. So I was able to put this lovely bed together for a very affordable price and it looked fantastic.  This home sold in under 30 days sight unseen by the seller.  The pictures on the internet is all it took!   So check around your local thirft store or consignment shops and see what treasures you can find.  If you are just starting your home staging business or are looking for some unique pieces you can't go wrong at your local thrift or consignment shop.  Thrifty Staging Everyone!