Sunday, January 23, 2011

Create A Beautiful Bedroom for under $100

We created a beautiful bedroom for under $100 for our staging project in Washington, DC.  We staged the other rooms with furniture but the investor wanted us to also stage the second bedroom but there was no room for furniture in the budget so we created a bedroom for under $100.  Here is how we did it.  We used an Aero bed that we had in our inventory as the bed.  We then bought a comforter/w shams that was on sale for $15, a queen size sheet set for $15, a side table for $12, a lamp for $10 and a rug for $10.  We added 3 throw pillows that we purchased at the thrift store for $2.90 each, and we bought 2 bed pillows and they cost only $6 total.  Finally we bought a mirrored starburst to go over the bed for $10.  So you might be wondering what does this bedroom look like.  Well see for yourself and you be the judge. For under $100 we staged a bedroom that looks chique and modern and FABULOUS!  Thirfty Staging Everyone!

Coordinating all the colors is what made all of these finds work and it created a very modern and inviting bedroom.  If you live in Northern VA, DC or MD and want us to stage your home please give us a call on 703-269-8330 or visit our website @ so that we can help you get your home from for sale to sold in half the time. 

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  1. How did you make the bottom look like it has a bed skirt? Are there 2 air mattresses stacked up?