Saturday, January 15, 2011

Driving With Style in Virgina

I'm driving with style in Virginia.  As a small business I don't have the luxury of hiring movers, trucks or a large crew. So what do I do? I drive with style! Let me explain, I basically load up my Toyota Highlander with all my staging supplies. That thing gets loaded to the gills. Thank goodness for my packer, my hubby, who knows how to fill every nook and crannie in that Highlander and we always get everthing in. My motto if it doesn't fit then we will have to do without. So that means choosing my items wisely and then packing them all up in a way that will work.

So what is the point of this post? The point is that just because you are not a big staging company that doesn't have movers and packers and trucks you can still make it work for you. Don't let things like this discourage you from not getting out there and staging homes. If you dont have an SUV you can easily rent a truck or van for a day very inexpensively from U-Haul and then make that part of your staging costs - however for me this works great and my hubby knows how to pack an SUV. See for yourself! Happy Staging everyone and drive with style I will be!

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