Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Home Staging Warehouse? Create One!

I created this staging room in my house.
No home staging warehouse? Create one! That's exactly what I did. When you first start your home staging business buying accessories will eventually become a must. But where do you put it after you buy it? You have to have somewhere to store it. So what if you don't want to pay monthly storage fees? Then you do what I did if you have a room in your home or basement. I created my storage unit in one of my unused bedrooms. I bought some plastic shelves from K-Mart when they went on sale for $22 each that had 5 shelves on them. My hubby and I set them up all around the walls of the room and then filled them up with my staging accessories. I realize that I may eventually outgrow this room but for now it is perfect and everything fits in its place.  Above is a pic of me in my storage room it is a bit empty as it was taken during a time I had 6 houses staged on the market.  This was a great solution for me as it kept down on storage rental costs and it provides me a great place to store my items for no money and easy access!

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