Sunday, February 20, 2011

Affordable & Elegant

Affordable and elegant - it isn't often you see these two words together.  However, if you keep things simple you can accomplish that easily.  We staged a loft condo in Washington, DC and we wanted to create a spa feel in the bathroom.  However you don't have to make it complicated or expensive.  Below we created a simple scene with a footed basket we bought for $3, the lotion and shower gel cost $2 total and we added 2 different color wash closths.  Behind we added a simple vase from Ikea that cost .79 cents and added some leave floral picks.  Voila an instant spa feel.  Again you can create affordable elegance you just have to know how!  Happy Staging Everyone.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Staging Kitchen Scenes

I love creating scenes when staging and one of my favorite places to create scenes is in the kitchen. I usually try to create some sort of food prep scene to add interest and a sense of real living. In order to do that you sometimes need to add fruits and vegetables but you can't really add real ones as they may rot during the course of time the home is sitting on the market. So what do I use? I use faux fruit and vegetables that really add a pop of color and interest and look terrific in my staging scenes. I buy these faux fruit and vegetables at the thrift store. I find them in plastic bags hanging on racks for $1.90 to $2.90 a bag and they ususally contain anywhere from 6 to 8 fruits or vegetables. If you went to department store you may be paying that for one! so this is a steal and they look great. Here are some examples of staging with faux fruit and vegetables in kitchens. Enjoy!

We would love to create scenes like this in your kitchen if you are selling your home.  We provide professional and affordable home staging and redesign services to clients in Northern VA, Washington, DC and parts of MD.  Call us on 703-269-8330 for a free estimate or visit us on the web @ for more information.  We look forward to serving you!