Saturday, October 29, 2011

Create Your Own Wall Art

We recently staged a home in Washington, DC for one of our investors.  We staged the entire house and then we realized we almost forgot to stage the half bath on the main level!  We ran out of art and Zehra and I had to think on our feet to figure out what to place on the wall in the bathroom.  At first we thought to leave it blank but it just didn't look right so we came up with a great idea!  I thought about putting one of the wicker baskets on the wall and Zehra took it one step further and it came out fabulous and looked amazing!  Great team work and it was thrifty art!  The basket we got at Dollar General for $3 and the flowers came from a flower stem I bougth at a thrift store bor .25 cents.  Check out how we created instant wall art by thinking out of the box and using what we had!

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