Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hotel Room Inspiration

People ask me all the time where do you get your inspiration and ideas from when I stage a client's home.  I tell them that I get them from everywhere I go whether it's a clothing store, a department store or a boutique or even when I stay in a hotel!   When I went to San Jose, CA a few years back, I stayed at the Toll House Hotel and when I walked in I loved how they had dressed the bed.  First off the bed had lots of pillows, then the blankets and sheets were nicely tucked all around the bed for a more modern feel but what I loved is how they folded down the top part of the bed.  It looked like an envelope!  I loved it and I felt as though I was tucking myself inside a luxurious envelope at night!  LOL  Anyway I absolutely loved this idea and I put it in my idea box so I can use it in one of my home stagings one day.  I have yet to use it but I will in 2013 because now that I look at it again it is simply different but chic!  I hope you like my hotel room inspiration and I've attached a picture of it for you to see!  Would love to hear where you get your inspirations from whether its for staging or decorating! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Stage Bookshelves

I think one of the hardest things to stage properly are bookshelves.  Clients tend to overstuff them with books and small items that end up making them look cluttered, overcrowded and unattractive.  When I'm staging bookshelves for my clients my goal is to make them an asset not an eye sore.   I start with varying the items that I place on the shelves with a mixture of books and accessories alike.  Our goal is to add minimal items to each shelf, leave some of them empty and create symmetry to make them appealing to the eye.  Less is more when it comes to staging bookshelves.  Here are some after photos of bookshelves we staged. We believe the after photos really show the beauty of the bookshelves and the added value without overpowering the room.  Happy Staging Everyone.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrifty Home Staging Scene

We recently staged a very cute occupied home in Stafford, VA.  The owners Joanne & Brad are just the cutest couple and I was thrilled to be able to stage their home.  We staged the first level of their home only but it was the main area and it looked fabulous when we finished.  We staged one of their bedrooms as a very luxurious guest bedroom.  So on the bed we created a "Breakfast for one" scene.  The scene was staged in a tray that the homeowner bought but the rest of the items came from our inventory and were all found at the thrift store!  We loved how this scene came together and it really set the stage for this lovely guest room.  The total cost for the "Breakfast for One"  - $5 buckeroos!   The homeowner loved it and so did the buyers because the home got a contract after 5 days on market!  Happy Thrifty Home Staging Everyone! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ice Cream Anyone?

Wow it's been hot the past couple weeks here in the Washington, DC area and all I can think about is cooling down with cool drinks and ice cream!  So I thought why not incorporate an ice cream scene into one of my home staging projects!  So I was on a mission to find some ice cream sundae containers.  So off I went to my favorite Thrift Store, The Village.  Well as luck had it I found two of them and a great orange tray that cost $3.80 and my creativity started spinning.  So I put together an ice cream Sundae scene that I incorporated into a staging I did in Centreville, VA.  It came out exactly the way I wanted it to and it looked fabulous and I think it will make the home memorable!  Check it out and see what you think!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dressing Up Towels in Bathrooms

My favorite rooms to stage are bathrooms.  I love decorating with towels and making them look fabulous and dressing them up.  The best part is that it's easy and it adds something unique and special that makes it memorable.  You can use a variety of things to add to a towel to make them look fabulous.  I find scraps of leaves, faux flowers, shells, raffia, etc. that I can add to decorate a towel.  Here are some of my favorites!  Hope you try some of these ideas in your own stagings or home!  Happy Thrifty Staging Everyone.

Aove Using raffia, a fern leave and some dried wood pieces adds charm

Above using a washcloth folded like a fan some ribbon and a shell adds interest to this towel

Above folding a towel and adding assorted shells on top makes an ordinary towel come to life

Above adding a faux flower to a pocket towel adds that needed pop of color

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Stage A Media Room On a Dime!

Here is a great way to stage a media room that is affordable and looks great!  Few years ago I staged a media room in a home that was vacant.  Since I was just starting out I didn't have lots of stuff like the fake TV or for that matter alot of furniture.  The owner wanted the room staged but didn't want to rent furniture so I got creative and used what little I had in my inventory and created a media room on a dime!  This is how we did it!

This is all that was in the room when I started but it was actually a good start - read on!

Then I added a rug to add some color and to define the space 

Then I added a Wicker chair w/pillows and and an ottoman as a table 

Then I added some movie posters I got online for $4.95 and framed them in inexpensive frames I got from the thrift store & added a vase with some sticks to put in the corner 

 Then I created a little movie snack scene on a tray   

Then I put the tray on the chest and added some coordinating pillows to the other corner and some movies on top of the ottoman & VOILA an instant media room on a dime!  Looks pretty good and it didn't cost alot and only took a few minutes to put together.  So if you are a new stager or an experienced stager that needs an idea for a media room or even a tv room/family room this is affordable and memorable!  Happy Thrifty Staging Everyone!  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Up With Those Ants?

Ok so I just had to share this great scene with you all that I created for only a few bucks! It all started when I went to an antique shop in Lucketts, VA a few weeks ago.  I saw these adorable looking metal ants, yes I said ants.  So I thought to myself wouldn't these be cool in a staging scene outside! I bought them for $3 a piece.   So that's when my idea started coming into play for the patio in this condo I needed stage. 

I then went to a discount store that has cool home decor stuff.   So I found this cute chair & table there for $20 and I had to grab it because it was the perfect size and scale for the patio.  I then saw the vision in my head on how to create the scene for the patio!  So Voila!!!  Here it is and we think it came out pretty good.  We just added a few extra things we had in our staging inventory like flip flops from the dollar store, a glass with a faux lime/cherry, a pillow & the cute little faux yellow flower pot and OH YEAH THE ANTS!   Adorable dont you think?

What's up with the those Ants?! LOL

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help I'm a New Home Stager Where Do I get Affordable Inventory??

I hear from many new stager's on a daily basis on a variety of things but the most frequent question that they ask me is where can they get affordable inventory. This is one of the reasons I started a home staging business because for me it was a low start-up cost business in that I purchase most of my inventory at thrift stores, consignment shops, clearance racks and garage sales.  I even sometimes pick up items that my neighbors put on the curb as trash! LOL

All of you who are thrifty shoppers know that thrift stores are a great place to shop for goodies.  I've found everything from comforters to wall art in these places.  I love the thrill of the hunt and finding a bargain!  The key is to find out when your thrift store puts out its new inventory so you can get the good stuff.  Also you have to take your time you can't rush finding a deal you have to scan all of the shelves, then scan again and again.  You never know what's hiding in between and in the back of the shelves!  So all you new stagers get out there and find a deal!  Here are some of my thrift store finds staged in rooms!  Happy Thrifty Staging Everyone!

Everything you see in this photo is from the thrift store total price $10!

Love this scene got everything you see here at the thrift store & the golf set is from the dollar store for $13

Got the chair, rug, vase/flowers, dishes & home sign at Thrift Store for $16!


The wicker chair, pillows, picture and tray I got at the thrift store for $20!  Sweeeet!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Affordable Wall Decals

I got a great idea for some affordable and memorable wall art - it's wall decals!  I went to the Dollar General store a few months ago and found these fabulous wall decals.  They have a variety of different designs and sayings that peel & stick!  But the best part is that you can easily remove them once placed without damaging the walls which is perfect for home staging projects.  We did a staged a home in Brandywine, MD a few weeks ago and one of the rooms we created was a boys room with a sports theme.  So we took our Dollar General wall decals, peeled them off and stuck them above the bed!  They looked fabulous and it really added to the overall room theme.  Check it out and don't be afraid to try this - these decals are truly easily removeable and do not damage the walls!  Total cost $3.00 for ten decals! Happy Staging Everyone!
Boy's Room After Staging

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Staging Storage On a Budget

We've been so busy staging we have neglected blogging about all of our Thrifty ideas!  So let me share one with you.  We created some additional home staging storage in my garage.  I was tired of hauling all of my heavier items like vases, dishes, books, metal, artwork, etc up and down my stairs so I got some help to create some storage in my garage.  I still wanted to ensure that I could park both cars in the garage so I had to come up with something that was streamlined but useful.  So I got some help from my friend Helene & her husband.  We took a trip to Ikea to look for some shelving and we found some great shelves that were inexpensive and perfect for the garage area!  We also went to the thrift store where we found some metal storage cubes & baskets. So for less than $500 I created a home staging storage area in my garage.  I think it came out really nice and when folks see it they say you got a mini-accessory store in your garage! 

This is how we started the project.

This is what it looked like when it was all up!

This is what it looks like all filled up!

View from the opposite side!