Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Affordable Wall Decals

I got a great idea for some affordable and memorable wall art - it's wall decals!  I went to the Dollar General store a few months ago and found these fabulous wall decals.  They have a variety of different designs and sayings that peel & stick!  But the best part is that you can easily remove them once placed without damaging the walls which is perfect for home staging projects.  We did a staged a home in Brandywine, MD a few weeks ago and one of the rooms we created was a boys room with a sports theme.  So we took our Dollar General wall decals, peeled them off and stuck them above the bed!  They looked fabulous and it really added to the overall room theme.  Check it out and don't be afraid to try this - these decals are truly easily removeable and do not damage the walls!  Total cost $3.00 for ten decals! Happy Staging Everyone!
Boy's Room After Staging