Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Stage A Media Room On a Dime!

Here is a great way to stage a media room that is affordable and looks great!  Few years ago I staged a media room in a home that was vacant.  Since I was just starting out I didn't have lots of stuff like the fake TV or for that matter alot of furniture.  The owner wanted the room staged but didn't want to rent furniture so I got creative and used what little I had in my inventory and created a media room on a dime!  This is how we did it!

This is all that was in the room when I started but it was actually a good start - read on!

Then I added a rug to add some color and to define the space 

Then I added a Wicker chair w/pillows and and an ottoman as a table 

Then I added some movie posters I got online for $4.95 and framed them in inexpensive frames I got from the thrift store & added a vase with some sticks to put in the corner 

 Then I created a little movie snack scene on a tray   

Then I put the tray on the chest and added some coordinating pillows to the other corner and some movies on top of the ottoman & VOILA an instant media room on a dime!  Looks pretty good and it didn't cost alot and only took a few minutes to put together.  So if you are a new stager or an experienced stager that needs an idea for a media room or even a tv room/family room this is affordable and memorable!  Happy Thrifty Staging Everyone!  

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