Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Up With Those Ants?

Ok so I just had to share this great scene with you all that I created for only a few bucks! It all started when I went to an antique shop in Lucketts, VA a few weeks ago.  I saw these adorable looking metal ants, yes I said ants.  So I thought to myself wouldn't these be cool in a staging scene outside! I bought them for $3 a piece.   So that's when my idea started coming into play for the patio in this condo I needed stage. 

I then went to a discount store that has cool home decor stuff.   So I found this cute chair & table there for $20 and I had to grab it because it was the perfect size and scale for the patio.  I then saw the vision in my head on how to create the scene for the patio!  So Voila!!!  Here it is and we think it came out pretty good.  We just added a few extra things we had in our staging inventory like flip flops from the dollar store, a glass with a faux lime/cherry, a pillow & the cute little faux yellow flower pot and OH YEAH THE ANTS!   Adorable dont you think?

What's up with the those Ants?! LOL

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