Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrifty Home Staging Scene

We recently staged a very cute occupied home in Stafford, VA.  The owners Joanne & Brad are just the cutest couple and I was thrilled to be able to stage their home.  We staged the first level of their home only but it was the main area and it looked fabulous when we finished.  We staged one of their bedrooms as a very luxurious guest bedroom.  So on the bed we created a "Breakfast for one" scene.  The scene was staged in a tray that the homeowner bought but the rest of the items came from our inventory and were all found at the thrift store!  We loved how this scene came together and it really set the stage for this lovely guest room.  The total cost for the "Breakfast for One"  - $5 buckeroos!   The homeowner loved it and so did the buyers because the home got a contract after 5 days on market!  Happy Thrifty Home Staging Everyone!