Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hotel Room Inspiration

People ask me all the time where do you get your inspiration and ideas from when I stage a client's home.  I tell them that I get them from everywhere I go whether it's a clothing store, a department store or a boutique or even when I stay in a hotel!   When I went to San Jose, CA a few years back, I stayed at the Toll House Hotel and when I walked in I loved how they had dressed the bed.  First off the bed had lots of pillows, then the blankets and sheets were nicely tucked all around the bed for a more modern feel but what I loved is how they folded down the top part of the bed.  It looked like an envelope!  I loved it and I felt as though I was tucking myself inside a luxurious envelope at night!  LOL  Anyway I absolutely loved this idea and I put it in my idea box so I can use it in one of my home stagings one day.  I have yet to use it but I will in 2013 because now that I look at it again it is simply different but chic!  I hope you like my hotel room inspiration and I've attached a picture of it for you to see!  Would love to hear where you get your inspirations from whether its for staging or decorating! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Stage Bookshelves

I think one of the hardest things to stage properly are bookshelves.  Clients tend to overstuff them with books and small items that end up making them look cluttered, overcrowded and unattractive.  When I'm staging bookshelves for my clients my goal is to make them an asset not an eye sore.   I start with varying the items that I place on the shelves with a mixture of books and accessories alike.  Our goal is to add minimal items to each shelf, leave some of them empty and create symmetry to make them appealing to the eye.  Less is more when it comes to staging bookshelves.  Here are some after photos of bookshelves we staged. We believe the after photos really show the beauty of the bookshelves and the added value without overpowering the room.  Happy Staging Everyone.