Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hotel Room Inspiration

People ask me all the time where do you get your inspiration and ideas from when I stage a client's home.  I tell them that I get them from everywhere I go whether it's a clothing store, a department store or a boutique or even when I stay in a hotel!   When I went to San Jose, CA a few years back, I stayed at the Toll House Hotel and when I walked in I loved how they had dressed the bed.  First off the bed had lots of pillows, then the blankets and sheets were nicely tucked all around the bed for a more modern feel but what I loved is how they folded down the top part of the bed.  It looked like an envelope!  I loved it and I felt as though I was tucking myself inside a luxurious envelope at night!  LOL  Anyway I absolutely loved this idea and I put it in my idea box so I can use it in one of my home stagings one day.  I have yet to use it but I will in 2013 because now that I look at it again it is simply different but chic!  I hope you like my hotel room inspiration and I've attached a picture of it for you to see!  Would love to hear where you get your inspirations from whether its for staging or decorating! 

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