Thursday, January 3, 2013

Staging a Livable Space

One of the things that I always try to do when I do stagings is stage livable spaces. You may ask what does that mean? Well, it means I stage rooms so they look livable and lived in to some extend. I like to stage rooms so if a buyer walks in they can imagine themselves or one of their family members living there. It is important to set a scene that says home and that identifies a room for what it could be. Staging to me is ensuring that I am attracting the right buyer to the home that walks into a home and says I want to live here. Home buyers buy homes that gives them a good feeling. It is emotional so I just try to stage my rooms to emote certain feelings and emotions that a buyer can relate to. I staged a home in Maryland that was in a family oriented community so I staged one of the rooms as a young girls room. However, I wanted to stage a livable space so I started with a twin size bed and used some fun bedding and a very colorful rug. Since this was during the school year I added a book bag and laid some folders and composition books on the bed like someone was studying or doing homework. I also added to the side table some fun things like a sock monkey, some corn chips to munch on, an alarm clock and some of those popular rubber bracelets! On the floor I placed some fuzzy slippers just for an added touch and Voila an instant livable scene that is memorable, inviting and just plain fun! Check out the photos below and I hope this gives you some inspiration for your staging projects! Oh and BTW this home sold in less than 20 days!


  1. I Love it! This is what is it all about! I can definitely see a tweener girl living here! Great Job!!

  2. Thanks Michen glad you liked it! I love doing kid's rooms as you can really experiment with colors!