Sunday, January 20, 2013

Storing Bedding for Home Staging or Home Storage

I just wanted to share my idea for storing bedding. I've been home staging for several years now and I've been trying to figure out how to carry loose bedding that doesn't come in one of those fancy bed-in-a-bag packages. So one day I was at the thrift store and I saw these cloth storage bags with see through tops that people use to store clothing or blankets. So I thought this would be great to store some of my loose queen and twin size bedding that doesn't have a package. Well there were 12 of them each for only $2.90 so I bought them all!

These worked really great! So for the Queen size bedding I was able to place Queen sheet set, bed skirt, shams and the comforter. (see below)

For the Twin I was able to place Twin sheet set, bed skirt, sham, quilt/comforter, pillow and decorative pillow! (see below)

The cool thing about these bags is that they have handles on both sides of the bag and you can just carry them easily to home staging projects but even if you were storing your items at home this would be a great and easy way to do it.  They also fit snuggly under the bed or can be stacked.

These particular storage bags have cedar bars that fit in a slot inside the bag to keep out moths!  I love this and am so happy I found these great bags to store all of my bedding!  I hope this has helped give you some ideas for your storage needs!


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